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QuantiChrom™ Peroxidase Assay Kit


  • For quantitative determination of peroxidase enzyme activity.

Key Features

  • Fast and sensitive. Use as little as 10 µL samples. Linear detection range: colorimetric assays 2 to 50 U/L, fluorimetric assays 0.1 to 5 U/L peroxidase.
  • Convenient and high-throughput. Homogeneous “mix-incubate-measure” type assay. Can be readily automated on HTS liquid handling systems for processing thousands of samples per day.


  • OD570nm, or FL530/585nm


  • Biological


  • All


  • 20 min


  • 100 tests

Detection Limit

  • OD, FL: 4, 0.8 U/L

Shelf Life

  • 12 months

More Details

PEROXIDASES (EC number 1.11.1.x) catalyzes the following oxidation-reduction reactions: ROOR + electron donor (2 e-) + 2H+ → ROH + R’OH. For many peroxidases, the optimal substrate is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), but others are more active with organic hydroperoxides such as lipid peroxides. In the cell, peroxidases destroy toxic hydroxide radicals that are formed as byproducts during aerobic respiration. The peroxidases represent a large family of enzymes that are found in animals (e.g. myeloperoxidase-like enzymes), plants, fungi, and bacteria (cytochrome-c peroxidase-like enzymes such as horseradish peroxidase). Simple, direct, and automation-ready procedures for determining peroxidase activity find wide applications. BioAssay Systems peroxidase assay uses H2O2 and an electron donor dye that forms a pink color during the peroxidase reaction. The optical density (570nm) or fluorescence intensity (λex/em = 530/590nm) is a direct measure of the enzyme activity.duangwatch

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Wada, A., et al. (2021). Protective effect of luminal uric acid against indomethacin-induced enteropathy: Role of antioxidant effect and gut microbiota. Digestive Diseases and Sciences. Assay: Peroxidase in mouse ileal mucosa.

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Sharma, S., et al. (2020). Heat-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress in soleus and gastrocnemius muscles and differential response to UPR pathway in rats. Cell Stress & Chaperones. Assay: Peroxidase in rat muscle .

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Hokari, R., et al. (2011). Increased expression of lipocalin-type-prostaglandin D synthase in ulcerative colitis and exacerbating role in murine colitis. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 300(3):G401-8. Assay: Peroxidase in mouse.

Jawed H et al (2010) N-(2-hydroxy phenyl) acetamide inhibits inflammation-related cytokines and ROS in adjuvant-induced arthritic (AIA) rats. Int Immunopharmacol 10(8):900-5 Assay: Peroxidase in rat serum.

Nguyen GN et al (2009) Drought-Induced Oxidative Conditions in Rice Anthers Leading to a Programmed Cell Death and Pollen Abortion. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science 195(3):157-164. Assay: Peroxidase in plant rice anther.

Yu CL et al (2008) A novel caffeine dehydrogenase in Pseudomonas sp. strain CBB1 oxidizes caffeine to trimethyluric acid. J Bacteriol 190(2):772-6 Assay: Peroxidase in bacterial cell.

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If you or your labs do not have the equipment or scientists necessary to run this assay, BioAssay Systems can perform the service for you.

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Peroxidase Assay Kit
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