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Assay Customization

BioAssay Systems offers customization of any of our assays if a customer should have special requirements. Our scientists have over 50 years of extensive hands-on experience in assay development and execution. During the past decades, we have successfully helped our customers achieve their goals. Since we develop and manufacture our own assay kits, we can easily optimize and/or modify our kits for custom applications.

Examples of Assays We Have Previously Modified to Meet Customers’ Specific Requirements

Lactate Assay for Measurement in Single Cells

Optimized our EnzyFluo™ L-Lactate Assay Kit (EFLLC-100) for use in measuring the increase of the L-Lactate concentration in single cells using fluorescent microscopy.

Peroxide Assay for Non-aqueous Samples

Optimized our QuantiChrom Peroxide Assay Kit (DIOX-250) for use in measuring organic hydroperoxides in non-aqueous samples.

For further information or to request a quotation please contact us by email, or call us at +1-510-782-9988 ext 2.

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