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QuantiFluo™ α-Amylase Inhibitor Screening Kit


  • For evaluation of drugs and screening potential inhibitors of α-amylase.

Key Features

  • Safe. Non-radioactive assay.
  • Fast and convenient. Homogeneous “mix-incubate-measure” type assay. Can be completed in under an hour at room temperature.
  • Robust and High-throughput. A Z’-factor of >0.90 was observed in a 384-well format. Can be readily automated to assay thousands of samples per day.


  • FP485/520 nm


  • Compounds that affect α-amylase activity


  • All


  • 40 min


  • 400 tests in 384-well plate

Detection Limit

  • NA

Shelf Life

  • 6 months

More Details

AMYLASE belongs to the family of glycoside hydrolase enzymes that break down starch into glucose molecules by acting on α-1,4-glycosidic bonds. The α-amylases (EC cleave at random locations on the starch chain, ultimately yielding maltotriose and maltose, glucose and “limit dextrin” from amylose and amylopectin. In mammals, α-amylase is a major digestive enzyme. Increased enzyme levels in humans are associated with salivary trauma, mumps due to inflammation of the salivary glands, pancreatitis and renal failure.

Simple, direct and automation-ready procedures for measuring α-amylase inhibition are highly desirable in Research and Drug Discovery. BioAssay Systems’ QuantiFluo™ α-Amylase Inhibitor Screening Kit utilizes fluorescence polarization (FP) to screen for potential α-amylase inhibitors. In this assay, α-amylase cleaves a fluorescent amylose substrate. The decrease in FP is directly proportional to the α-amylase activity in the sample. Inhibition is therefore determined by the increase in FP (λex/em = 485/520 nm).

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