Services Overview

Why BioAssay Systems Services?

Our Services
Our scientists have over 50 years of combined experience developing assay kits and offering assay services.

Fast Results
We pride ourselves on fast turnarounds (usually within 1 week after receiving samples) to keep your studies on schedule.

One-Stop Shop
We manufacture all of our own assay kits and have the reagents and lab equipment needed for most research projects utilizing our kits. Also, since we manufacture our own kits, we can easily optimize them to fit specific project requirements.

Areas of Expertise
  • Microplate-Based Absorbance, Fluorescent and Luminescent Assays
  • Blood and Urine Chemistry Analysis
  • Enzyme Activity Analysis
  • Inhibitor Screening
  • Metabolic Markers
  • Oxidative Stress Markers

Assay Support
  • Custom Assay Development
  • Custom Optimization of Current Assay Kits
  • Assay Validation - Pilot Screens, Interference Screens
  • In vitro Assays
  • Cell Based Assays
  • Sample Preparation
Notes on Services
We need a well-defined idea of what you would like made. Typically that only happens after we have a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The NDA can be either a one-way, or more preferable, a two-way version. After the NDA has been put in place you should tell us everything you want to get analyzed. This information allows us to complete the contractual work rapidly and at least cost to you.

We typically carry out projects on a time and materials basis. After adequate discussion we can generate an assessment of the amount of time that will be required to complete the project. You only pay for actual scientist time, plus any special raw materials such as enzymes or chemicals that we do not already have in stock.

Please contact us by email, or call us at 1-510-782-9988 x 2 to discuss details and feasibility of any potential service projects.

Our services are also available through Science Exchange and See our storefronts below.

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Hear What Our Customers Say About Our Services

Anh-Dung Le, CEO DermaTec LLC
"The guys at BioAssay Systems know their science! I had to develop a bioassay for our company and Robert was very quick to respond to keep us up to date. They are knowledgeable and very resourceful. They directed us to one of the bulk suppliers that could give us a really good deal on our active ingredient. They keep very detailed records for our research needs. I would recommend working with BioAssay Systems on your assay development projects!"

Edward T. Wei, Chief Scientific Officer, Orinda Pharma, Inc.
"It is a pleasure working together with BioAssay Systems. I brought samples to their Hayward location and received the results in less than 24 hr. The discussion with Robert Z was courteous, open, and with a depth of knowledge. Robert has a PhD from Stanford. Also, Frank Huang, the CEO, had sufficient scientific curiosity to try out our cleanser and provide feedback! This is beyond the call of customer relations. BioAssay Systems is a company with a lot of expertise and a friendly, responsive approach to problem solving. I will enthusiastically continue to work with them to carry out our research."

Paul Abbyad, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Santa Clara University
"I would like to show my appreciation to the Bioassay Systems service team. We are developing an assay to measure the change in lactate concentration of single cell samples using fluorescent microscopy. The BioAssay Systems team was quite helpful in assisting us to optimize their fluorescent L-Lactate assay kit for our unique experimental set-up. The BioAssay Systems team is always friendly and knowledgeable. We know that we can rely on them for fast and professional service."

Patrick H. Ruane, Ph.D., Director Chemistry XTENT, Inc.
"While developing biodegradable coatings for Drug Eluting Stents I worked with Bob to develop an accurate, precise and sensitive assay for determining the amount of polymer remaining in tissue. It was a pleasure to work with Bob and his team, they are very thorough, they understand the science very well and they always deliver on time and at the right price. I would highly recommend anyone using BioAssay Systems services in the future."