QuantiChrom™ Salicylate Assay Kit

QuantiChrom™ Salicylate Assay Kit
Catalog No: DSALY-100
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Salicylate Assay Kit
Protocol SDS


  • Direct Assays: Salicylate in biological samples (e.g. serum, plasma, urine)
  • Consumer Products: salicylate in beauty products, mouthwash, etc.

Key Features

  • Fast and sensitive. Linear detection range: 0.8 mM (10.9 mg/dL) to 20 mM (274.2 mg/dL) salicylate with 20 µL sample (96-well).
  • Convenient. The procedure involves adding a single working reagent.
  • High-throughput. "Add-mix-read" type assay. Can be readily automated as a high-throughput 96-well or 384-well plate assay for thousands of samples per day.


  • OD560nm


  • Serum, plasma, urine, food, beverage, agriculture, drugs, beauty, mouthwash samples, etc


  • All


  • 100 Tests

Shelf Life

  • 12 months

More Details

  • SALICYLATE is a salt or ester of salicylic acid, and can be found naturally in some plants. It is also a metabolic byproduct of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) and salicylate concentrations are often tested in blood or urine in cases of suspected overdose. Salicylic acid is commonly used in skincare products as an exfoliating ingredient, and in other consumer products as a preservative. BioAssay Systems’ salicylate detection kit provides a convenient and reliable means to measure salicylate. In the assay, salicylate complexes with ferric chloride to create a colored compound that can be measured at 560 nm. This assay can be used with a variety of samples and is simple, sensitive, and adaptable to high-throughput screening.

What samples have been tested with this kit?

This kit has been tested with plasma, serum, urine, mouthwash and acne face wash. This kit is compatible with many different types of samples, but if you are testing another sample that is not listed here and would like advice on pretreatments, please contact Technical Support for more information.

My sample has background absorbance at OD560nm; will this be an issue with the assay?

The calculation provided in the protocol accounts for sample background by subtracting the sample background blank.

How should I store my samples? Can I use samples that have been frozen or stored at 4°C?

We have not tested the stability of salicylate in samples when stored at 4°C or freezing. However, it is a fairly stable molecule, so it is likely that freezing your samples and using within a few weeks should be fine. We recommend using the sample as soon as possible.

Is aspirin crossreactive with this kit?

No, aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is not crossreactive with this kit. It can only be detected once it has been metabolized by the body into salicylate.

What other compounds will react with this kit aside from salicylate?

Unfortunately, certain drugs such as antipyrines, as well as phenols, acetates, and cyanates, will cause false positive results. Phenothiazines interfere: Chlorpromazine and thioridazine produce pink-purple and blue colors, respectively. Some of the color responses which can be obtained when the reagent is added to urine samples are green from bile, homogentisic acid (alcaptonuria), the catecholamines (pheochromocytoma), and the urine of maple syrup urine disease; red-brown from diacetic acid (acidosis); grey from melanin (malignant melanoma); light violet from chlorpromazine (Thorazine®) ingestion; and purple from proclorperazine (Compazine®) ingestion.

Will ketone bodies interfere in the assay?

Beta-hydroxybutyrate does not interfere. Acetoacetate does interfere. If your sample contains significant levels of acetoacetates, heat the sample at 45°C for 25 minutes to denature the acetoacetate, then cool the sample and repeat the assay.

What other compounds interfere in the assay?

Bilirubin also absorbs at the same wavelength as the reagent, so you may have to run a sample blank to account for this. RIPA buffer does not interfere.

My spectrophotometer doesn’t have a filter at 560 nm. Can I run the assay at other wavelengths?

Yes, the colored salicylate complex has a fairly broad range from 500 to 600 nm. However, the signal is lower at other wavelengths and so it will be harder to differentiate between low concentrations of salicylate. The kit may be less sensitive at these wavelengths.

My samples have very high/low ODs, what is happening?

If your undiluted sample has an OD which is very close or slightly below the blank OD, then the salicylate concentration may be below the kit’s detection limit. If your sample can be concentrated (e.g. cell lysate, tissue lysate) then we recommend increasing the concentration. If your sample has an OD above the highest salicylate standard, you should dilute the sample in dH2O so it falls within the range of the standard curve.

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QuantiChrom™ Salicylate Assay Kit
Catalog No: DSALY-100
Price: $369    Qty:
For orders of 10 or more kits, please call +1-510-782-9988x1 or email us for best pricing and/or bulk order.

Shipping: RT
Shipment: Fedex Service
Delivery: 1-2 days (US), 3-6 days (Intl)
Storage: 2°C to RT
Salicylate Assay Kit

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